Atherton Visionaries

Residents who support conservation and environmental protection

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We are pleased to profile a number of Atherton residents who have demonstrated leadership and vision towards addressing the environmental needs of the future. Many of these individuals have provided and continue to provide their expertise and guidance to us over a range of environmental programs developed previously for the Atherton community. With our recent launch of the Atherton Conservation Trust, we will be approaching Atherton's community leaders for support, however, the individuals profiled here have not yet been provided information regarding ACT programs at this time.




Wendy Schmidt is the president of The Schmidt Family Foundation, working to advance clean energy development and supporting the wiser use of natural resources. She established the foundation's 11th Hour Project in 2005, and in 2007 was a founding member of Climate Central, an organization that combines an expert media team with the work of scientists using the newest technology to measure and describe climate change. Wendy's other major focus is on building a model for sustainable community development through her organization ReMain Nantucket, established in 2007.


Steve Westly is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and former California State Controller, serving from 2003 to 2007. During the 2008 Presidential Election, Westly served as California Campaign Co-chair for Obama for America and was considered for a cabinet level position in the Obama administration. Currently, Westly is Managing Director at The Westly Group, one of the largest clean technology venture firms in the US. The Westly Group funds teams with innovative technologies that aim to solve the world's most pressing problems. Their investments have helped propel the growth of a generation of companies seeking to shift the energy and resource-use paradigm, including Tesla Motors, Amyris, Lunera Lighting, Scientific Conservation, RecycleBank, Revolution Foods, Soladigm and others.

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