Conservation Efforts

Conservation is a benefit to the Community

The Atherton Conservation Trust is looking to secure a large undeveloped or lightly developed parcel containing primarily open space in West Atherton for the creation of a new public park.  There are only a small number of parcels that might qualify as being large enough and not as densely developed for our purposes!  A parcel with trees and developed gardens would be acceptable, as the creation of a public garden is one option that we are seriously considering.  If you are aware of such a parcel or are interested in working with us to source, research and acquire a candidate parcel, please contact us!  We are currently building our advisory committee and reaching out to those we know who may have connections with parcel owners.

Don't be afraid to consider your parcel: Conservation can be a benefit to Donors

The donation of a conservation easement can reduce estate taxes on that land.  In some cases, a conservation easily can reduce the value of an estate below the level that is taxable, effectively eliminate any estate tax liability.  In other cases, conservation easements can enable heirs to retain property that would otherwise have to be sold.If you are interested in learning more about the benefit to you in donating a parcel or creating a conservation easement on a parcel, please contact us for more information.